In Print and Coming Your Way

Keep an eye out for the June 2 issue of The American Conservative, which went to press today. It includes my article on the battle for Virginia’s Eighth Congressional District, which pits Ron Paul-inspired Republican Amit Singh against Mark Ellmore, a candidate sometimes compared to Mike Huckabee. In Singh’s case, the race puts to the test the ability of a new generation of limited-government conservative to appeal to voters in a difficult (read: Democratic-leaning) district. After its recent special election losses in Mississippi, Illinois, and Louisiana, the GOP is in desperate need of a new brand. The Eighth District candidates offer two possibilities.


Two Reviews for You

The May June issue of Reason includes my review of Pure Goldwater, the John Dean and Barry Goldwater Jr.-edited collection of the late senator’s journals. The May 5 issue of The American Conservative, meanwhile, features my piece on Bill Kauffman’s Ain’t My America. Both books, coincidentally enough, are published by Palgrave-Macmillan, which is also home to James Bovard.

The magazine’s probably won’t be hitting bookstores and subscribers’ mailboxes for about 10 days or a little more — print has its advantages, but alacrity isn’t one of them. In the meantime, here’s a link to Dean and Goldwater Jr. discussing their book at the Huffington Post.

New @TAC

The forthcoming issue of The American Conservative went to press yesterday. It includes Nick von Hoffman and Wilson Burman on the Bear Stearns debacle and what it means; Steve Sailer on Obama’s ambiguous views on race; Kelley Vlahos on women in combat in Iraq; Allan Carlson on the Dixiecrats’ revenge; Phil Giraldi on Admiral Fallon; Michael Brendan Dougherty on the virtue of men’s magazines; Freddy Gray on the pope’s upcoming U.S. visit; reviews by Piers Paul Read, Wayne Merry, and Paul Gottfried; columns by Patrick Buchanan, Daniel Larison, and Fred Reed; and a whole lot more.

There should be something new on the website later today — and not just articles. Keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Look for those website changes on Monday.

The Right Choice for November?

Tying in somewhat with the discussion of Jim Webb below, here’s Andrew Bacevich’s conservative case for Barack Obama.

I’m not going to join the Obamacons — 2008 seems like a good year to vote third-party — but I’m rooting for Obama against Clinton and McCain.

Postscript: There’s one more round of Webb blogging here.