Ron Paul Roundup

John McCain has the delegates he needs, but Ron Paul is still working to call the GOP back to the noninterventionist, small-government principles it had in the days of Howard Buffet and Robert A. Taft. Here’s Newsweek‘s Sarah Elkins’s interview with Dr. Paul from last Friday, in which he shares his thoughts about party unity (never at the expense of principle), Ralph Nader, and more. And here’s a report on some funny business going on in my native state, Missouri, where Ron Paul supporters showed up in force for the Republican caucuses. Jared Craighead, executive director of the MO GOP, doesn’t want to let Debbie Hopper, national field director for Ron Paul 2008, have a look at the reports from the caucuses — even though the deadline for challenging the reports is coming up on Tuesday. It reminds me of the kind of dirty tricks the Louisiana Party played.

Meanwhile, former campaign staffers are at work on some very intriguing post-campaign projects. But mum’s the word on all of that for now…