ISI’s big push at the moment is for the Civic Literacy project, which has been garnering quite a bit of coverage, including this piece in USA Today. The project involved testing students (freshmen and seniors) at fifty colleges and universities on their knowledge of elementary U.S. history, civics, foreign policy, and economics. Take the quiz yourself here. My score was 58 out of 60 (96.67%). A little poor, considering it is elementary stuff.

Meanwhile, Daniel Larison links to the Rome quiz, which will tell you which character from HBO’s stupendously historically inaccurate television show you are. The other Daniel was Vorenus, which is good. I’m Caesar, which comes as a bit of a surprise. I wonder if Cicero is one of the possibilities? I would assume so, but evidently I am not he.


You are both powerful and merciful, you respect all the systems around you and make it a point to educate yourself. You are a cautious person who knows all the angles, your drive for success is unparalled, your goals of success can be achieved.

Gaius Julius Caesar


Are You a Neocon?

This quiz I put together several years back is in need of an update. But outdated though it may be, the "ideology selector" can still be fun. Just fun, though; there's no pretense to scientific accuracy here: like the Psychic Friends Network, this is for entertainment purposes only.

This brief and somewhat typo-marred article — I am indeed a "pale-something," but I think I'd meant to type "paleo-something" — gives some background on the quiz.