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I’ll keep this site around for good measure, but everything here is now on a new server at, and that’s where new posts will be showing up. Please redirect links and point your browsers over there.


We Now Return to Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Like Jay-Z or Too $hort, I was in temporary semi-retirement for a while there.  Well, not quite: actually I spent the Christmas and New Year seasons in Texas and have now moved to Wilmington, Delaware.  While I haven’t blogged for a while, I haven’t been completely idle.  My take on “liberaltarianism” is in the current (Jan. 29, 2007) issue of The American Conservative.  I have a couple of reviews pending at other publications — I’ll mention them once they’re safely in print.

Quick Update

Daniel Larison and historian William Hay have both responded to that provocative Viereck post of mine. There’s a limit to how far I’ll defend Viereck, but I should be able to answer at least a few of the charges against him. It’ll have to wait, though; blogs demand instant response, but deadlines are more demanding still.

On another topic, I’ve added William Norman Grigg to the blogroll, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

In an hour or so I have to catch a shuttle from Auburn, Ala. to the Atlanta airport. Get back to D.C. around 7 pm — and then I have to leave again at 3 am(!), taking Amtrak to Connecticut. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be taking a 3 am train if I had any other viable options, but the Amtrak alternatives were more expensive and not much better.

Even though I’ll be in a tech hub of sorts for the next week, I may or may not have reliable internet service. That’s the drawback of using ethernet in the wireless age. Ah well. Blogging will be sporadic if I can’t find a terminal somewhere to exploit, although chances are I will be able to find one.

The summer symposium issue of TAC should be showing up in subscribers’ mailboxes and bookstores right around now. By the way, here is a link to the old Commentary symposium from 1976 that was our inspiration. (It’s a pay archive, but you can get the whole Commentary symposium for the price of one regular article — about $5 or a little less, if I recall. It’s worth it for Robert Nisbet’s contribution alone.)

Lazy Bloggers

Sorry for the light posting at the moment: I've been finished up a review of Gordon S. Wood's Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different, which despite its banal title is not your ordinary Founding Fathers-fest. If all turns out well, it should be in the next TAC. Otherwise, it's one for the memory hole.

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has left comments over the past few days (Brian Rapp, Paul Cella, R.J. Stove, and more). I'll have a few replies to your questions and remarks and whatnot soon(ish).

By Request

Like a magic lamp or Uncle Sam, I’m here to grant your wishes. Or at least, I’ll entertain suggestions: if you’d like to see more Latin, more Robert Nisbet, less politics, shorter posts, trashy pop-culture recommendations, etc. let me know — leave a comment on this thread or email me.

I’m thinking of adding a song-of-the-day feature in an effort to scandalize all who know me. I can also offer a daily reading of the sortes Vergilianae: today’s line is cogere concilium, cum muros adsidet hostis (Aeneid XI.304), “…to call a council, when the enemy is camped out around our walls.”

Looks like Vergil endorses my asking for suggestions, although the words immediately preceding that say, “this is no time…”