The World of Blogging

Earlier tonight I attended a blogging workshop at the Leadership Institute which included a talk (among several other talks) by my former Ron Paul 2008 colleague Justine Lam. She shared her expert knowledge from the campaign on Internet fundraising and building on-line communities. The Ron Paul campaign itself is “winding down” — with Dr. Paul continuing to give Republicans in states that have yet to vote a chance to cast their ballots for someone other than McCain — but thanks in part of people like Justine, the Ron Paul movement is going to have a very long afterlife. Indeed, the movement that grows up in the aftermath of the campaign may over time dwarf the campaign itself. I think there’s a good chance that it will.

The workshop focused mostly on very elementary blogging instructions — how to use WordPress and Blogger, advice to specialize in niche content, etc. Not a great deal that I wasn’t already familiar with, but I did pick up a few new ideas. The workshop was well-attended: a full room, in fact, of mostly grassroots bloggers and bloggers-to-be. The “grassroots” emphasis is important, since this wasn’t a gathering of these folks. There were even a few Ron Paul Republicans and antiwar conservatives in attendance, which was encouraging. In a myriad ways, the Revolution continues…


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