A New Career in an Old Town

I should apologize for the light posting lately — where “lately” could, I suppose, mean anything from the past two months to the past year or so. Sometimes I’ve been lazy, sometimes I’ve been working hard: either one can be bad for keeping a personal blog regularly updated.

Still, there have been some specific developments with me over the past few weeks that account for less posting than unusual. As many of you may already know, I’ve joined the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, where I’m now blogging on regular basis at the Daily Dose. A strict constructionist in the real sense of the world, Dr. Paul is the kind of citizen-statesman that otherwise hardly exists any more. After the horrors of the past seven years, or seven decades, this is the day and this is the hour: Paul’s cause is the last best hope that I can see for getting back to the kind of government this Republic is supposed to have. No more torture, no more unnecessary wars or archipelagos of bases dotting the world, dramatically lower taxes, a president who takes all of the protections in the Bill of Rights seriously — that’s worth everything. So now it’s back to Washington, D.C. (or Arlington, Virginia) from Wilmington, Delaware. The hours are long — I’m dependent on the local IHOP, open 24 hours — but it’s great fun, and the cause could hardly be greater.

Most of my energies will be poured into the Daily Dose and other Ron Paul work between now and the Republican convention — which I think will be a conventional unlike any in living memory — but I’ll update this blog whenever I have a spare moment. And maybe a little more frequently than I’ve done in a while, but don’t hold me to that.


2 thoughts on “A New Career in an Old Town

  1. Frank Kellam January 22, 2008 / 7:24 am

    Hey, Dan, Congratulations! Saw the news on the RP site last week. No surprise; you’re doing great work already. As an old-timer, this is the most exhilerating campaign in the big leagues since Grassroots for Goldwater in ’64 when I walked a precinct in Clayton. … All the best, my friend, Frank

  2. Tim January 25, 2008 / 11:23 am

    Great. I love ToryAnarchist but am willing to do without if it helps Paul remind the US political elite that the old republic ain’t dead yet.

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