Conservatism False and True: Huckabee vs. Ron Paul

I have an article up at Taki’s Top Drawer comparing the tax-and-spend Arkansas liberal to the real conservative in the Republican race, Ron Paul.


2 thoughts on “Conservatism False and True: Huckabee vs. Ron Paul

  1. Jack Ross December 19, 2007 / 4:03 pm

    These were my comments on Taki’s message board, I realize of course that the title came from Taki and not from you:

    Dan is very insightful as always, though the comparison to Huey Long makes me cringe – Long’s economic program was essentially Georgist and he was certainly no man of the religious left, indeed, the Sinclair Lewis quote about fascism coming wrapped in the American flag is often attributed to Long.

    I agree with those commenters who say that whatever their opinion of Huckabee he’s getting the Goldwater treatment, and as with Goldwater, time will tell just how much of it is deserved.

    On the one hand Huckabee certainly has the potential to convert the Republican Party to the religious left, perhaps without intending to, just as Goldwater, perhaps without intending to, converted the Republican Party to undistilled Burnhamism in his day. Indeed, I myself have said that I forsee the Republican Party being replaced by the Spitzer-Huckabee party.

    But on the other hand, I can still concieve of Huckabee many years down the line looking back, like Goldwater, with some horror at what he wrought. Dan’s piece here, which is certainly excellent, may or may not be looked back on like Rothbard’s equally insightful vituperation against Goldwater, or even still, that of Felix Morley, which, as described and quoted approvingly in Rothbard’s Betrayal Of The American Right, came awfully close to Martin Luther King’s infamous line on Goldwater about “tendencies of Hitlerism”.

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