If You’re In the D.C. Area, Drop by the Taft Club Tonight

The Robert Taft Club is hosting a panel discussion tonight on the society, politics, and the biological sciences with Charles Murray (co-author of The Bell Curve), Tom Bethell (author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science and a senior editor of the American Spectator), John Derbyshire (of National Review), Ron Bailey (Reason‘s science correspondent).

The event runs from 7:30 (panel itself begins at 8, but arriving early is a good idea) to 10 pm in the Fillmore Room of the Boulevard Woodgrill, 2901 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA. Directions here. More event details here. It’s a free event — though we suggest a donation of $10 to help us defray costs — so if you’re in the area, consider attending.

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2 Comments on “If You’re In the D.C. Area, Drop by the Taft Club Tonight”

  1. Tim Says:

    “Drop by the Taft club” and be accused of consorting with white supremacists. Perish the thought! Better to visit the SPLC and consort with idiots.

  2. Whenever anybody on the Right draws connections and inferences the way the SPLC does, they get accused of conspiracy theories.

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