Conservatism Means War

Well, it shouldn’t, but it does — at least for National Review.  Take a look at the mag’s symposium on the Pollack/O’Hanlon New York Times op-ed. You might think that with the doubts about the war that have been expressed by NR founder William F. Buckley Jr., ex-NR board members Neal Freeman and Austin Bramwell, and NR contributors Rod Dreher and John Derbyshire over the last few years, there might be some concession to reality in NR‘s editorializing.

Not so! All nine of the magazine’s symposiasts say that the war is going just swell.  The quote of the month comes from James S. Robbins: “There is no question that on the ground the war is being won. Baghdad is becoming more secure.” No question, no doubt, no concessions to reality.


One thought on “Conservatism Means War

  1. Matthew August 3, 2007 / 6:32 pm

    They are installing “duck and cover” bunkers in the green zone, and issuing body armor to contractors – in the green zone (according to Al Kamen, WPost). This is “more secure?” Keep in mind this is just the GREEN ZONE, not the red zone – which is the rest of the country.

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