Falwell Dies, and the Robert Taft Club Takes a Hard Look at the Religious Right

Next Wednesday (May 23, that is) at 7 pm in Washington’s, D.C.’s Lounge 201 (map) the Robert A. Taft Club will be holding a symposium on “The Religious Right and the Conservative Movement,” featuring Michael Tanner, Doug Bandow, and Jim Russell. We’ll not only be taking a look at the big picture of the relationship between religion and the right, but also at how the politics of Christian conservatism mingles with the issues of big government, immigration, and war. The Taft Club likes to keep things interesting.

The first half hour or 45 minutes is usually schmoozing and boozing, so don’t plan on the panel starting at 7 sharp. Goes until 10 pm. RSVP to Marcus Epstein if you plan to attend.


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