Earth to David Broder, Come in, Cosmonaut Broder…

The dean of Washington Post political columnists says that reports of the GOP’s impending demise are premature. Maybe so. The evidence Broder gives, though, suggests just the opposite:

Support for President Bush and his policies remains high among Republicans. His overall job rating among GOP voters is 75 percent, “and by overwhelming numbers they approve of his handling of foreign policy, the war in Iraq and the management of the economy.”

That does not suggest a party wracked by anxiety or guilt…

Is it really a sign of health for Republicans that they still think everything is fine with the Bush administration and the Iraq War? Expressing such firm confidence in the leading lemming as he’s taking the herd over the cliff is maybe not a good thing.


One thought on “Earth to David Broder, Come in, Cosmonaut Broder…

  1. John Lowell March 16, 2007 / 1:05 am

    I’ve frequently thought that what ails David Broder might be easily fixed with a purgative of some kind. If there is attainable such a state as absolute zero, David Broder’s analytical skills are frozen through by it. A lesser light in the jouralism field would be hard to find.

    John Lowell

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