He more than deserves the Oscar, but it’s a sign of just how dull the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is that he finally gets it for “The Departed” rather than “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” or “The Aviator,” are all of which were much better.  I like long films, but even I thought that “The Departed” could have stood to gain from being about 20 minutes shorter.

Was 2006 as dismal a year at the movies as I think it was?  Things picked up a bit toward the end of the year with “The Departed” and “The Good Shepherd,” but over all there wasn’t much I wanted to plunk down $10 for.


3 thoughts on “Scorsese

  1. Matthew February 26, 2007 / 3:31 pm

    I just saw “Last King of Scotland” last night… after driving halfway across town to find an artsy theatre that was showing it. It’s a great film, and anyone who has seen Forrest Whittaker in other roles would agree it was an Oscar level performance.

    Then again, it is important to remember that the Oscars generally recognize the amount of esteem you have gained in Hollywood. Which is why Denzel Washington won an Oscar for “Training Day” rather than some of his much better work.

    What was “The Good Shepard” all about. The movie talked about an Anglo-Saxon cabal creating and controlling the CIA, and then I read an article that says Matt Damon’s character was really half- Mexican?

  2. Daniel McCarthy February 27, 2007 / 6:47 am

    Haven’t seen “Last King of Scotland,” which I’ve wanted to see since it first came out however many months ago. It’s the film I most regret missing last year.

    “The Good Shepherd” is indeed about the East Coast establishment’s creation of the CIA. The film’s take on it all is critical, but not in a heavy-handed leftish way. Its a smart film both as a spy movie and as a study of the old-fashioned Yalie set.

  3. Obama March 1, 2007 / 1:13 am

    Yes, 2006 was an abysmal year. I can’t recall any films that were any good other than The Departed.

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