“As Governor, He Signed Some of the Toughest Gun Control Laws in the Country”

SouthofBoston.com on the real Mitt Romney. The Boston Globe also looks at his 2nd Amendment record. Romney’s record reminds me experiments in math class when I was a kid, flipping a coin to illustrate probability. What will Mitt’s next flip bring?

Hat tip to George and Kellyanne Conway’s blog on NRO, which is easily the best thing on the site.


2 thoughts on ““As Governor, He Signed Some of the Toughest Gun Control Laws in the Country”

  1. John Lowell January 28, 2007 / 3:23 am

    Can anyone even for a minute imagine voting for protozoa like Romney, Clinton, McCain, Gulliani, Biden, Edwards, etc. And the current tethering of “social conservatives”, Fr. Pavone among them, to Sam Brownback, until very recently a most poisonous shill for war and, notably, a co-sponsor of the MCA. Oy! How Pavone with this one manages to elevate his kind of moral sensibility above that of certain of his defrocked colleagues in Boston and other dioceses absolutely boggles the mind. In sum, he’s just a different kind of predator, a political one, seeking to shackle the honest faith of Catholics to an ideology. For decades, enthusiasts of people like Fr. Pavone have kvetched about the quality of priestly formation in the seminaries. One wonders who it may have been that engendered Pavone’s present mindset, Heinrich Himmler?

    John Lowell

  2. Brian Rapp January 31, 2007 / 7:57 pm

    Pro-Republican voters have always fallen for candidates like Romney when push comes to shove. Take for instance the situation in Missouri, where you have Jim Talent. Somehow, he has managed to cajole and swindle prominent wealthy people in St. Louis’s “west county” region for the past 20 years, eventhough he voted for the Brady Bill in 1994 and a variety of other socialist pieces of legislation. Yet, what it comes down to is this: When you have a prominent democrat running such as Claire McCaskill or Jean Carnahan, every Republican voter will open his or her wallet to make sure “one of their own” remains in power. Principles be damned, power is all that matters.

    It is this philosophy that has caused me to lose all faith in the Republican party, and I will never vote for a Republican candidate solely to ensure that the “evil Democrat” won’t take power. Honestly, I don’t believe I can bring myself to vote for a Republican, period. It has become apparent to me that most Republicans are hiding in the closet about their true principles and doctrinal orientation. At least there are a few who are brave enough to come out of the closet about what they really stand for ( http://online.logcabin.org/ ) and I applaud them for their honesty, unlike Sen. Talent’s or Gov. Romney’s.

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