Our Enemy, the Administrative State

Paul Gottfried on the difference between Right and Left:

While the Left rails against the bogus Right (that is, the neoconservatives) as the sponsors of a military state that is taking away popular liberties, it knows where its real domestic enemy is to be found. The media Left lurches fitfully into attack mode against the Militia Men as rightwing extremists, a reaction that is never apparent when it discusses the Black Panthers or Hispanic racial nationalists. One likely reason is that, in contrast to designated indignant minorities, “rightwing extremists” are not clients of the administrative state. In fact they would be happy to junk this entity entirely. And whenever the Left here or in Europe is promoting its social engineering policies, it urges obedience to judicial-administrative governance, as the appropriate democratic behavior. I doubt that the Left really believes that the worst thing about the Right is neoconservative militarism. The long-term enemy is those who want to get rid of the system of behavioral control that the central government set up in the twentieth century, in order to equalize it subjects through confiscation and threats as well as redistributed goodies and to fight every alleged form of discrimination.


3 thoughts on “Our Enemy, the Administrative State

  1. George December 8, 2006 / 7:09 pm

    I am curious is Gottfried a full anarchist, as in a Rothbardian or “Hoppeian” (or like Sobran etc.)?

  2. Tim December 10, 2006 / 4:14 am

    I don’t think Paul Gottfried is an anarchist at all. He certainly has criticised the whole anarcho-paleo-libertarian thing. I think he is generally an advocate of limited government, small government conservatism, sort of a back to bourgeois classical liberalism thing except in a non-formulaic non-dogmatic sense. My guess is that he closer to say Robert Nisbet than either Rothbard or Milton Friedman.

  3. Guilherme Roesler December 10, 2006 / 12:05 pm

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