2008 Wide Open

It’ll be the first year in my lifetime — and for some time before that — in which there’s no incumbent president or VP in the race for the White House and control of both the House and Senate will be at stake. Whatever the outcomes of the Senate races in Virginia and Missouri (it’s beginning to look like McCaskill and Webb may both pull through), that chamber will be divided either 49-51 or 50-50 going in to 2008 (barring any sudden deaths, retirmeents, or party switches) and the Democrats will hold a narrow majority in the House. Some of the House Dems who did surprisingly well this year won’t be able to survive in 2008, barring a similarly Democratic tide of discontent, so control of the lower chamber will be very much in play.

My guess is that 2004 will come to be seen as the high tide of “conservative’ Republicanism. And just look how it turned out.

Addendum: Talent has just conceded defeat in Missouri! This is a doubly happy day not only in that I’m glad Bush at last might be held accountable (which is going to be much easier if the Dems control both chambers than otherwise), but also because the state in which I presently live (Virginia) and those to which I have the strongest familial ties (Missouri and Pennsylvania) all repudiated Bushbots.  Foolishly, I voted for Talent in ’02 — I’m glad to see I won’t have to live with that mistake for much longer.


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