Jesse Walker Answers the Call…

…of book-blogging inanity that I issued a while back. See his selections here.

In other news, I’ve added the University Bookman to the website links. Both Jesse and University Bookman editor Gerald Russello have pieces in the forthcoming issue of The American Conservative, as it happens. Gerald asks whether Russell Kirk and Robert Nisbet would sign on to the latest incarnation of the national-security state and (in case you can’t guess the answer to that one) offers their alternative. Jesse reviews Robert Greenfield’s recent biography of Timothy Leary and sheds some light on the acid guru’s appearance in National Review once upon a time…


One thought on “Jesse Walker Answers the Call…

  1. Matthew October 12, 2006 / 7:32 pm

    “One book you would want on a desert island? A complete Encyclopedia Brittanica. Because it’s big, and I’ll need firewood.”

    Priceless. Long live Wikipedia.

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