Are You an Unlawful Combatant?

Justin Raimondo asks.

There’s a reason I included the words “goodbye republic” in the title of Friday’s post.


One thought on “Are You an Unlawful Combatant?

  1. John Lowell October 2, 2006 / 10:12 pm

    Not a little fear out there these days concerning the likelihood of this legislation being used as the basis for the indefinite detention of Americans who have expressed opposition to the Regime’s policies. In National Socialist Germany in the mid-thirties, the term for something similar but usually time-conditioned was “protective custody”. The Social Democrats and the Communists, although beaten and tortured in custody and sometimes killed, were frequently released after a fixed term. Critics of the present regime may not fare as well.

    One is struck by the dehumanizing language used of an adversary in cases such as these. The Nazis had a penchant for zoological or biological terminology to depict its perceived enemies, speaking of “vermin” or equating such persons with processes of fermentation. The Jew was filty, frequently a kind of microbe causing social decomposition. In the present case relentless moral language with the same emotional charge is used all leading in the same direction: A vision of those opposing us as something less than human and certainly not entitled by dint of their behavior – always judged in advance – to the consideration God might accord them as creatures of His, their behavior notwithstanding. These whatever-they-are are the bottom of the barrel, animals and cannot expect to be treated as one might treat someone as righteous as, say, Scooter Libby, for example whose guilt is yet to be determined. In all such instances the dehumanizing justifies the implimentation of practices of abuse and it has with the Bush Regime also. The concern of Justin Raimundo and others that one night they well may be taken away is hardly neurotic.

    John Lowell

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