The New Pantagruel, RIP

One of the most stimulating and original web zines of the past few years is closing down. The New Pantagruel at its best really was a “localist, decentralist, anarcho-Christian and authentically conservative” journal as well as an ongoing rejoinder of sorts to the neocon/theocon First Things.


One thought on “The New Pantagruel, RIP

  1. John Lowell September 25, 2006 / 1:05 am

    Wouldn’t you know it, the first I hear about The New Pantagruel and it’s closing. Most unfortunate, particularly so since some kind of counterpoise to Reich’s Church house organ, First Things, is needed and Commonweal certainly isn’t a candidate. It would seem that the only intellectual resource that has tellingly taken the measure of the whole First Things project has been Communio, International Catholic Review and that through the analysis of its American editor, David Schindler. To understand Schindler’s critique of neoconservatism is to grasp First Things’ utter vulnerability in its efforts to market its more questionable commentary as orthodox. And to grasp Schindler is to be Catholic in a way that explains both how it is that First Things and the Pope find themselves in opposite corners on pre-emptive war and why it is that Catholic neoconservatism has no future. I regret The New Pantagruel’s closing.

    John Lowell

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