A Flap For the Weekly Standard

You know how Harper’s frequently uses a “cover flap” — a partial cardboard wrap added to the cover to advertise stories inside the issue? Well, Vanity Fair has produced a special flap for The Weekly Standard, which readers can cut out and staple to their favorite neocon magazine.


2 thoughts on “A Flap For the Weekly Standard

  1. Scott Lahti September 12, 2006 / 5:04 am

    Heh. Now if they’d only do the video analogue in sabo-teasing a certain “news” network I’ve come to call the Pop Snooze Channel – after a certain family member’s inveterate habit of watching overnight, couchbound and through closed eyelids, “encore telecasts” of Shrill O’Biley, Prick Hume and Can a’ Tea and Holmes – they’d really have the waterfront covered, given that The Weakly Stammered is the factory-bundled closed-circuit AP version of Pop Snooze…or is it vice-versa?

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