“A.N. Wilson Is a S—“

I don’t have strong feelings about A.N. Wilson either way, but bravo for Bevis Hillier if he really was the one who tricked Wilson into including a fake letter (complete with coded insult) in his John Betjemen biography. Auberon Waugh — who once sabotaged the Spectator‘s list of contributors to credit George Gale as “Lunchtime O’Gale” — would be proud.


One thought on ““A.N. Wilson Is a S—“

  1. Tim September 3, 2006 / 6:35 am

    Ever since the Ern Malley case, a hoax originated by a poet, critic of modernism and anti-communist John McAuley, Australia has had for many decades what amounts to a small industry involved in the creation and elitist discussion of literary hoaxes. Maybe all these guys need to get real jobs.

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