Conservation: For Rich Liberals?

I’d been hoping that a few pieces from the TAC symposium on Left and Right beyond Heather Mac Donald’s would generate some comment. Here we have one of our symposiasts, Ross Douthat, taking issue with another, Jeremy Beer, on a few points. Be sure to see Jeremy’s response in the comments section. And here are Jeremy’s and Ross’s original contributions to the symposium.


2 thoughts on “Conservation: For Rich Liberals?

  1. R J Stove August 28, 2006 / 12:18 am

    Well, I was very impressed by the even temper shown by all particpants in the symposium, though Ross Douthat and Jeremy Beer display a fair-mindedness out of the common (and Jeremy Beer’s original piece was, I thought, the best contribution to the whole TAC issue). Perhaps such an exchange of ideas could only take place in America. In my own benighted land the participants (if any such symposium was allowed to occur in the first place) would be tearing each other’s hair out in fistfuls before you could say “The Immaculate Conception of Mark Steyn”. America seems to confine that sort of exhibitionism to the Jerry Springer show. There are clearly distinct advantages to being Garrison Keillor’s compatriots.

    Naturally no Christian, indeed no theist, is going to agree with Heather MacDonald, but her comments are about as good as it gets in that neck of the woods.

  2. Daniel McCarthy August 28, 2006 / 3:28 am

    Speaking of Garrison Keillor, I’ve been reading the updated paperback edition of Homegrown Democrat, his apologia for the Democratic Party, and, sad to say, it’s poor stuff. I figured if anyone could make a case for the Democrats, it would be Keillor. No such luck. Not only is Keillor unabashedly and unreflectively a big-government welfarist — and one who thinks that only Klansmen and corporate fat cats could possibly have reservations about how politicians spend other people’s money — but the sheer miasma of smug emanting from the book could choke a camel. He also insists that surly service is a good thing: “The blue-tinged girl brings my coffee withy a grand hauteur that I admire. It’s that old piss-on-your shoe spirit of the underdog class that seems so scarce these days.” Do I have to vote for Republicans in order not to have people pissing on my shoes?

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