Another Tightening Race

In Pennsylvania, Santorum no longer trails Bob Casey Jr. by double-digits: the latest Strategic Visions poll has Casey ahead by six points. Lynn Swann, meanwhile, the Republican nominee for Pennslyvania’s governor, is floudering; incumbent Democrat Ed Rendell polls above 50%.


2 thoughts on “Another Tightening Race

  1. John Lowell August 22, 2006 / 3:24 pm

    One wonders if some of Casey’s slippage can be attributed to his rather lukewarm opposition to the war. Democrats have not been notable for much in the way of valor when it’s come to the adventurism in the Middle East, whether in Iraq or in Lebanon. When you don’t have much of a choice on the war, and pro-life considerations are in equilibrium, perhaps suburban, “country club” Republicans otherwise motivated by Lamont-like characteristics revert to type. The inevitable working out of one party government?

    John Lowell

  2. Daniel McCarthy August 29, 2006 / 5:32 am

    That seems like an apt analysis, especially since Santorum, much more than most Republicans this cycle, has actually been running as a champion of Bush’s policy. But Democrats, and apparently Casey more than most, are gun-shy. Perhaps with godo reason, up to a point: as unpopular as the war has become, what the public has a schizophrenic attitude toward it, and charges that the Democrats want to “cut and run” might have some traction even among war-skeptical voters. IT makes no sense, but such is democracy.

    Yesterday the Wall Street Journal’s website published a poll — Zogby, if I recall — that had Casey still up by nearly 9 points. (This was the same poll that received a bit more publicity from its finding that James Webb is up one point in Virginia.) So maybe the race isn’t so close after all, though I tend to credit the polls that show a closer contest.

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