Longing for Total War

A large swathe of the Right has lost its mind. The warlust runs so deep it’s not even related to any recognizable strategic goal anymore. It’s war as self-expression. It means “We’re serious.” Never mind that it makes as much sense as chewing glass. Sure, the post is hedged and qualified with weasel words and stated as a hypothetical (much like current right-wing discussions about whether we should kill a lot more civilians). But it seems apparent that like many other much-linked, funnynamed characters on the internet, “Tigerhawk” looks fondly on the prospect of total war and the regimentation it would require. Remind me again why I’m supposed to be so scared of the Left.

That’s Gene Healy’s response, in part, to a right-wing blogger who longingly asks, “What will it take to militarize the West?” See the rest of Healy’s take here.


2 thoughts on “Longing for Total War

  1. John Lowell August 20, 2006 / 5:34 pm

    Hello Dan,

    Yes indeed, the thirst for blood seems to become more intense even as the utter frustration with events in the Middle East takes hold. And no less so at self-consciously “Catholic” blogs, the particular area of my interest, where the marginalization of attempts at intellectualizing pre-emptive war is now felt so acutely. Even today we’re treated to Rovian style slimings of the Pope as “a pacifist”, the latest of this pestilential agit-prop. But having written not too long ago about developments in this area, you’re likely aware of it.

    John Lowell

  2. Daniel McCarthy August 20, 2006 / 6:54 pm

    Now matter how much I read — or write — about it, I’m still surprised. And appalled.

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