TAC is at the Printers…

…and coming to you soon. Andrew Bacevich, Anders Strindberg, Scott McConnell, Stewart Nusbaumer, and Martin van Creveld on the Israel-Lebanon War; W. James Antle looks at Lieberman and the partisan polarization over the war; Wayne Merry warns the U.S. against repeating France and Britain’s Suez follies; Michael Brendan Dougherty offers a Burnhamite take on Guatamalan immigration to the village of Brewster, N.Y.; and the track record of pro-war prognosticators comes under scrutiny from Justin Logan. Taki also discusses the Labanon crisis, while Patrick Buchanan debunks President Bush’s fuzzy notion of “Islamofascism.”

Plus: Steve Sailer reviews “Quinceanera,” Kelly Jane Torrance on Whit Stillman, my review of Jeremy Lott’s In Defense of Hypocrisy, and William Anthony Hay’s take on Boyd Hilton’s A Mad, Bad, and Dangerous People? England 1783-1846.


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