Left / Right Symposium Now On-Line

Here’s the link to TAC‘s feature on what, if anything, “left” and “right,” “conservative” and “liberal” mean today.

P.S. That link takes you to the whole symposium as one document. The main page has an index to the individual essays.


One thought on “Left / Right Symposium Now On-Line

  1. Ashish George August 12, 2006 / 3:39 am

    Jeffrey Hart says: “The common denominator of successful presidents, liberal or conservative, has been that they were realists. Because Bush is an ideologue remote from fact, he has failed comprehensively and surely is the worst president in American history—indeed, in the damage he has caused to the nation, without a rival in the race for the bottom. Because Bush is generally called a conservative, he will have poisoned the term for decades to come.”

    Wow. Kudos to Hart for not mincing his words, although I don’t think I would go so far as to say that Bush is the worst president in American history. Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon are pretty stiff competition.

    It’s really too bad that National Review can’t bring themselves to the task of allowing this kind of dissent from their extended family in the print issues of the magazine.

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