Go, Ned, Go

Ned Lamont is poised to clobber Joe Lieberman in Tuesday’s Connecticut Democratic primary. And it’s starting to look as if he might even beat Lieberman again in November if Holy Joe carries through on his threat to run as an independent. The coalition backing Lieberman is revealing: Bill Clinton and the College Republicans are both in his corner. That would almost be reason enough to vote Lamont right there, even if he weren’t one of the major anti-war candidates of ’06.

Addendum: Here’s a rather interesting Lamont interview from April.

Addendum 2: TPM Cafe lowers expectations a bit. Note the poster who mentions he’s been getting four robo-calls a day from Bill Clinton and his local Congressman. The establishment is pulling out all the stops for Joe.


One thought on “Go, Ned, Go

  1. André Kenji August 7, 2006 / 4:36 pm

    The best thing is that their next target is Hillary Clinton… ; )

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