Neocons: Bush Isn’t Belligerent Enough

When I saw the Washington Post headline “Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush’s Foreign Policy,” I foolishly assumed that the article might have to something to do with the chorus of realists and antiwar conservatives who have long been critical of the president. No, no — the conservatives that the Washington Post cares about are the ones who don’t think Bush is aggressive enough in trying to democratize the world. This is what Paul Gottfried means when he says that for all the hostility the mainstream media shower upon neoconservatives, they still prefer to make them the spokespersons for conservatism rather than anyone of an older strain. (The article does, fleetingly, mention William F. Buckley’s and George Will’s reservations about the administration’s bellicose utopianism.)


2 thoughts on “Neocons: Bush Isn’t Belligerent Enough

  1. Tim July 22, 2006 / 4:14 am

    The mainstream media has no interest in antiwar conservatism at all. In fact they would prefer if the whole phenomenon disappeared. It is a lot simpler to portray the world through bifocal blinkers.

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