Raico on Class Analysis

Well worth a read. The week-long Raico seminar at the Mises Institute three years ago was outstanding. They ought to do another some time.

p.s. If you buy the CD of Raico’s 2003 lectures (or the cassettes), you may get to hear his take on the 1998 film “Bride of Chucky.” Depending on whether the Q+A has been edited down or not.


3 thoughts on “Raico on Class Analysis

  1. Tim July 16, 2006 / 1:05 pm

    Scottish enlightenment thinker (and a colleague of David Hume’s) John Millar’s theory of rank predates and in many ways outperforms both marxian and french classical liberal theories. His 1771 book is available on line here. George Watson in his superb ‘Lost Literature of Socialism’ comments that Millar’s theory of the origin of class (or rank as he calls it) anticipates marx’s ‘economic theory’ of the origin of class. Millar argues that the development of independent private wealth is essential for a regime based on both law and personal liberty to emerge.

  2. Daniel McCarthy July 17, 2006 / 4:31 am

    Thanks, I’ll check out the link to Millar’s book.

  3. Tim July 18, 2006 / 4:38 am

    the George Watson book is especially interesting too.

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