TAC Notes

Steve Sailer quotes on his blog my favorite passage from Austin Bramwell’s recent review in TAC of John Dean’s Conservatives Without Conscience. Take a look.

The new issue prints today, with cover stories on the state of the Democratic Party by Sailer and James Pinkerton and related pieces by Bill Kauffman (reviewing Jeff Taylor’s Where Did the Party Go?) and Byron Dorgan (yes, that Byron Dorgan). Actually, Dorgan’s piece isn’t directly related to the others, but as a populist Democrat he has at least an existential tie-in with the theme. Also in the issue: James Bovard on the Right’s reaction to disclosure of Bush’s bank snooping, James Bowman on Paul Johnson’s Creators, and much more. It’ll be in stores and subscribers’ mailboxes in about 10 days or so.


One thought on “TAC Notes

  1. PJL July 6, 2006 / 8:14 pm

    Bramwell seems like a good egg, and his piece resonated with me as well. The stuff he writes for TAC makes me wonder how he feels about NR at the moment. I’d like to see him do an expose similar to Neal Freeman’s, although perhaps more wide-ranging – really show the gap between the board and the neocons calling the shots from day to day . . .

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