Strengthening Caesar in the Name of the Lord

Laurence Vance quotes wise words from Thomas Fleming in the new issue of Chronicles. It’s worth mentioning that the context of Fleming’s remarks is two letters attempting to take him to task for saying that the federal government should butt out of the Terri Schiavo affair. One of the correspondents says that he was similarly dismayed by Fleming’s position on sending Elian Gonzales back to his father in Cuba — Fleming was for it. Fleming is, of course, right on both counts: the federal government has no business overturning the laws of Florida and overruling the next-of-kin in the Schiavo affair, and a boy belongs with his father even if his father lives under a Communist state.


One thought on “Strengthening Caesar in the Name of the Lord

  1. Brian Rapp June 29, 2006 / 4:49 pm

    Dr. Fleming is right about the Schiavo case, but he’s dead wrong about Elian Gonzales. Dr. Fleming needs to recognize that there are no parental rights in Cuba. All children are owned by the state. Elian should be looked at as Fidel’s son, not his biological father’s. Elian’s father has no say so in his son’s well being back then, today or in the future. That’s besides the point though. Before all of this occured, he in fact abandoned his mother and Elian and moved in with another woman. If it was his mother’s desire to flee Cuba and for Elian to grow up in America with his relatives, and American law permits this, then Elian should have stayed here. All that was done was Fidel Castro was allowed to use the American government and our tax dollars to reclaim one of his slaves and circumvent American law. It was not done through the courts, but through the executive branch and Janet Reno’s MP5 touting INS agents. Elian’s father was forcibly coerced into a media circus, and had he disobeyed he would have been shot or put in jail. One cannot claim he really wanted his son to begin with under those circumstances, and in my mind, his mother taking the risk of crossing over to FL outweighs any of the father’s purported desires, especially when she had parental rights of the child to begin with.

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