Hillary and Poddy Jr.: Readers Just Say No

The New Republic has a rather interesting piece on the continuing, but dwindling, trade in anti-Clinton books, of the sort that dumbed-down conservatism so spectacularly in the 1990s. The latest paradigmatic entry is John Podhoretz's, which has sold a whopping… 2,000 copies.

This call to arms, Can She Be Stopped? Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President of the United States Unless …, was just published last month by Crown Forum with a strong first printing of 75,000 copies. On the surface, the book possessed all the right ingredients for success: a big-name author with a proven track record; solid print, radio, and online publicity, including a rare exclusive with Matt Drudge; and a novel take on the subject. "It is the first book to take her seriously specifically as a candidate for the presidency," says Jed Donahue, Podhoretz's editor at Crown Forum.

Yet, with only 2,000 copies sold thus far, according to Nielsen BookScan, the book hasn't lived up to expectations. Publishers often object that BookScan underreports sales, but Donahue admits that Can She Be Stopped? has had trouble getting started.

Note that NRO's blog for Can She Be Stopped? didn't last two weeks.


One thought on “Hillary and Poddy Jr.: Readers Just Say No

  1. clark June 17, 2006 / 10:55 pm

    He should have included a chapter on Wendell Berry.

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