Kossacks of the Old Right

The anti-establishment Left has its Yearly Kos. We old aginners of the Right have our monthly Robert Taft Club. Those of you in the DC area (or coming in from elsewhere) who plan to attend this evening's event — that's 7 pm at 1101 North Highland Street in Arlington, Virginia — we've had a slight change of line-up. Paul Gottfried can't make it; our panel discussing "Is Conservatism Dead?" will instead feature Bruce Barlett, author of Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy, alongside Donald Devine, the man once called Reagan's "terrible swift sword."

I'll be there, of course, as will a cantankerous assortment of paleos, libertarians, traditionalists, and other foes of big government and global democracy. The peanut gallery actively participates in the discussion, so you can be assured of some incisive points coming from the audience as well as the panelists. RSVP to Marcus Epstein to attend.


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