The Immigration Story That Doesn’t Get Covered

Robert Samuelson has another very good immigration column, this time on what the major media didn't deign to cover in the Senate's immigration bill.

he White House's projected increases [as a result of the Senate bill] of legal immigration (20 million) are about twice the level of existing illegal immigrants (estimated between 10 million and 12 million). Yet, coverage overlooks the former. … Whether or not the bias is "liberal," groupthink is a powerful force in journalism. Immigration is considered noble. People who critically examine its value or worry about its social effects are subtly considered small-minded, stupid or bigoted. The result is selective journalism that reflects poorly on our craft and detracts from democratic dialogue.

See also: coverage and analysis of the case for war against Iraq, circa 2002.


6 thoughts on “The Immigration Story That Doesn’t Get Covered

  1. Brian Rapp May 31, 2006 / 10:29 pm

    I wish I knew Spanish for my patients. I still haven’t come across too many Hispanics in St. Louis (Barnes-Jewish/Wash U Hospitals), but they are out there and more are coming in.

  2. andy May 31, 2006 / 10:41 pm

    of couse it’s not covered. The focus is not Immigration, but ILLEGAL!

  3. Daniel McCarthy June 1, 2006 / 1:00 am

    All but a handful of the arguments that are raised against illegal immigration apply to legal immigration as well. It’s not just the lawbreaking that has the country in a quandary.

  4. Richard Quick June 1, 2006 / 3:01 am

    Good post. Enjoyable & engaging blog.

    For a slightly different slant on this issue, see the free immigration control posters at

    Also, sign the MAGIC FENCE INITIATIVE Petition.

    Support GnomeWatch International!!!

  5. Alex1 December 8, 2006 / 11:06 am

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