The Naomi and Harvey Podcast Show

It's not surprising that, as the BBC reports, women are driving the market for on-line music. A quick look at the iPod product line would let you deduce the same thing: the tendency is toward smaller, more expensive, and sometimes more colorful devices. To the masculine mind, paying more money for a thinner iPod with less memory makes no sense. When I bought one about seven months ago, I went for the hulking 60 GB model. I can't imagine any heterosexual male buying an iPod nano — unless he were a secret agent or something and really, really needed to conceal it.

The British study finds that there isn't actually much of a gap between the sexes and their iPod / on-line music habits — women lead all categories by less than 10%. All well and good; nothing to worry Harvey Mansfield.

But then I read this:

For the first time, more women are reading are reading metal magazine Kerrang than men, while almost half of Q's under-30 readership is now female.

More women read Kerrang? Ah, but wait a minute, this is a very soft-around-the-edges Kerrang. I can't say I've ever followed Kerrang, but I'm pretty sure at one point in its history — when metal was metal, you might say — you wouldn't have seen anything softer than Iron Maiden on the cover. I wonder what Manly Mansfield and Naomi Wolf (they ought to have their own show permanently — it'd be better than Conan O'Brien with Andy Richter) would make of the change?


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