I Married a Communist

National security vs. the sacred institution of marriage — who wins? Well, in the state of Israel, it's the former, of course. The country's High Court has upheld a law making it exceedingly difficult for Palestinians married to Israelis to live within Isreal. Note, by the way, that the Washington Post's coverage of the story (scroll down) doesn't give any indication of how many Palestinian-Israeli couples have been involved in terrorism. It does, however, tell us what effect — intended or otherwise — the law has had:

Since the law was approved, hundreds of Palestinians have been prevented from living with their families in Israel. Critics of the law contend it is designed in part to limit the Arab population of the Jewish state. The law was challenged in 2003 by civil rights groups on behalf of several Israeli-Palestinian couples.

Like this one:

Murad el-Sana, an Arab citizen of Israel who is married to a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, told Israel Radio that the ruling marked "a very black day for Israel." His wife, Abir, had received a temporary injunction preventing her deportation from Israel. Sana, a lawyer and one of the petitioners, said the ruling appeared to make it impossible for the family, which includes two young children, to remain together in Israel.

I wonder how our own patriots would balance national security and marriage. Actually, I don't wonder.

(My title here, by the way, is not a reference to Philip Roth but to the Cold War classic.)

I Married a Communist


One thought on “I Married a Communist

  1. Robert H. Stiver May 15, 2006 / 5:30 pm

    I happened to see the “blog” reference at the side of the offending WashPost article re which you submitted your comment about the “sanctity” of marriage, Israeli-style. I appreciate your comment, but I think it should have been more inclusive. I had just sent my own reaction to the reporter; I wrote impulsively and could surely have made it other than a “quick and dirty” scream of rage. Israel is a true abomination–a blight on the world’s soul. Here is my reaction to Wilson:

    Mr. Wilson, are you aware that the headline of your article (I read it online from a WashPost E-mail transmittal) reads “Israelis Kill Islamic Jihad Leader in Arrest Attempt”? Are you responsible for the content of the headline?

    Your article proceeds to document the fact that not one, but five Palestinians, were murdered by Israel — and then a sixth during a post-murder confrontation. You also detail the Israeli Supreme Court’s 6-5 ruling that treats married Palestinians with discrimination.

    Would not your article have better been titled “Jewish State of Israel Proves Itself To Be Murderous and Racist Entity: Just One Day In the Tragedy of Palestinian Arabs”?

    In protest of the callous disregard with which my America holds the lives of the Christians and Muslims of Palestine, in complicity with the evil Zionist state of Israel…Robert H. Stiver, 98-434 Hoomailani Street, Pearl City, HI 96782 (tel./fax 808-455-9823)

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