Langley Leftists?

National Review sez:

The CIA has always had a leftist bent, well represented in its upper echelons even under directors of staunchly anti-Communist and pro-national-security orientation.

I wonder whom they have in mind — Bill Buckley? James Burnham? The latter was a Trotskyite, after all, but then, the best patriots often are.

There is a glimmer of truth to what the NR gang says, of course, but the sense in which the CIA was left-wing, or anti-right anyway, was that it opposed the non-interventionist Old Right from the very beginning.

Judging from Bush's attitude toward professional intelligence — he would rather have yes-men then analysts — and pieces like this NR editorial and the neocons' emphasis on alleged whistleblower Mary McCarthy's ties to Democrats, it seems to me that something like a "K Street stragegy" for Langley is what the neoconservatives have in mind. Only Republicans, and only Bush loyalist Republicans at that, should have jobs at the agency, as NR-types would have it. The CIA has its problems, but they aren't about to be fixed by a wiretapping sycophant like General Hayden — quite the contrary.


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