Running for the Senate, Against the War

The Washington Post looks in on the antiwar Democratic Senate campaigns in Virginia and Maryland.


One thought on “Running for the Senate, Against the War

  1. Bukko April 28, 2006 / 9:08 am

    So you’re smirking because good ol’ boys will still vote against anyone they view as a liberal Northern Yankee, even if they oppose the war that’s wrecking the USA? If they’re thaty stupid, they deserve the impending economic implosion that will cause the U.S. to collapse. Keep smirking, Tory. I’m smirking too, from all the way down South in Australia. My wife and I emigrated there last year (I’m a nurse, so I had little trouble getting a work visa and a job) because I can see what’s coming because of people like you. Sold my San Francisco house at the top of the market and got the money to Switzerland (and out of dollars, which will soo be worthless.) Good luck, smirk-boy — you’ve got the President and Congress and Supreme Court you wanted. And you’re going to be crushed in the coming depression. But your heroes will have their billions. Are you happy now?

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