The weekend takes me to St. Louis and back to my alma mater, Washington University (also Paul Elmer More's alma mater, I was recently delighted to discover) for the 8th Annual Ronald R. Jackups Jr. Leadership Dinner, a boozy tradition I helped institute that honors conservative and libertarian students of the graduating class. Titanic inebriation might interfere with my blogging schedule — then again, it might also produce some surprises.

I'm very fond of the Wash U environs. On the Delmar Loop you'll find a Walk of Fame with stars for Nelly and T.S. Eliot. As the website says:

Here along Delmar are all the things human beings have to have: old books, new books, hardware, good beer, arts and crafts, fresh oysters and fresh ground coffee and fresh bread, fruits and vegetables that you can pick up and shake and tap, newspapers, fresh flowers, movies, music recorded and music played live, hummus and sushi and barbecue, the delicate and colorful works of ethnic cultures and baseball cards.

As a grad student I lived halfway between the university and the Loop, within about a five minute's walk of each, in a building built as a hotel in 1904 that still had an old-fashioned elevator with a folding iron door that had to be opened and closed manually. To me, that's civilization at its best.


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