There’s the Bennett Way, Then There’s the Gordon Liddy Way

News that the FBI is after Jack Anderson's papers reminds me that Bill Bennett's fondness for jailing reporters has some even nuttier antecedents. Like the plot to kill Jack Anderson. G. Gordon Liddy tells Playboy about it (via lefty blog Elementropy):

PLAYBOY: Why in God's name did you want to murder Jack Anderson in the first place?

LIDDY: I'd prefer to call it justifable homicide, since murder is a legal term for a specific type of homicide that by its very definition is unjustifiable…


Anderson is one of those mutant strains of columnist who are half legitimate, because he passes off biased interpretations and selective information as straight reporting. At one point, Anderson's systematic leaking of top-secret information rendered the effective conduct of American foriegn policy virtually impossible…

Here he explains how he might have done it:

Anyway, we [Liddy and E. Howard Hunt] had lunch over at the Hay-Adams across from the White House and discussed various methods of killing Anderson, including coating the steering wheel of his car with an LSD solution sufficiently potent to cause a crash, which we rejected as too chancy, and "aspirin roulette", which we also turned down.

They decided to keep it simple instead, with a fake mugging. "I would have knifed him or broken his neck, probably," the G-Man tells Playboy. In the end, though, he couldn't get the go-ahead and had to call the whole thing off.

Don't come away from this with the impression that Liddy is heartless: whacking liberal journalists may be one thing, but G. Gordon won't stand for cruelty toward monkeys (MP3 audio).

I've always kind of liked Liddy, actually.


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