Curtains for Holy Joe?

I haven't been following Ned Lamont's primary challenge to Sen. Joe Lieberman, but it looks like he's really giving him a run for his money. Lieberman is now saying he might run as an independent if he loses the primary. Lamont is running as an explicitly antiwar candidate: when Lieberman boasts that he's been to Iraq four times, Lamont replies (per John Nichols in The Nation): "stop by Bridgeport on your way back from Baghdad and listen to your constituents…" And from Lamont's campaign kick-off:

Three years ago politicians with years of political experience rushed our troops off to war; they told us the war would be easy; we'd be greeted as liberators.

Now three years later, America is no safer, Israel is no safer, the Middle East is even less stable, Iran is on the prowl, Osama Bid Laden is on the prowl, and we have 130,000 valiant troops stuck in the middle of a violent civil war in the heart of Iraq.

Those who got us into this mess should be held accountable.

In Washington they give you a medal; in my world they say: "You're fired."

The involvement of Howard Dean's brother in the race, on Lamont's side, has also been attracting some attention. 


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