Bookmen and the Bookman

The University Bookman is one of the less heralded publications available through ISI, though, like Modern Age, it was founded by Russell Kirk. Gerald Russello recently became its editor, and the current issue — Winter 2006 — is excellent. Russello himself writes about Garet Garrett, one of the half-forgotten champions of the Old Right (and one who, as well as tackling the foreign-policy and state-power questions usually associated with the interwar right, also addressed mass immigration). Another neglected conservative, Francis Graham Wilson, gets his due in Joseph Fornieri's review of Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal, a collection of Wilson's essays edited by Lee Cheek, Kathy Cheek, and M. Susan Power. My familiarity with Wilson is limited, but after reading Fornieri's review it's clear that I should find out more. As Fornieri writes:

As an American himself, Wilson paid greater attention to the tradition of American political thought than did the German émigrés [such as Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin]. As one intimately familiar with this tradition, he was passionately involved in preserving his own nation’s intellectual and political heritage. Indeed, his speech On Jeffersonian Tradition is one of the finest and most interesting essays in the volume. Here Wilson provides a nuanced analysis of Jefferson’s political thought, recognizing both its flaws and contributions. Wilson treats Jefferson, who is often seen as the nemesis of American conservatism, with balance, reverence, and needed sobriety. Perhaps this is because Wilson—himself a proud Texan—sees Jefferson as part of the wider tradition of southern conservatism and states’ rights. Wilson subscribes to the Calhounian view that the Union is a compact between free and sovereign states.


3 thoughts on “Bookmen and the Bookman

  1. Michael J. Keegan April 10, 2006 / 6:30 pm

    Daniel – Lee Cheek was an old friend of mine and Scott Richert (at Chronicles). He’s a good man. He also has a book on John C. Calhoun, which I believe was a version of his dissertation.


  2. Lee Cheek April 21, 2006 / 6:50 pm

    Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful mention of our book. We greatly appreciate the interest. It is also good to know that Mike Keegan is among the living!

    Grace and Peace,

    Lee Cheek

  3. Lee Cheek June 10, 2006 / 4:41 pm

    You all might be interested in my website.

    Thank you.

    Lee Cheek

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