Volunteer State Conservative

Tennessee's A.C. Kleinheider has a vital new blog at volunteervoters.com, where he gives conservatives some sound advice about cleaning their Augean stables:

The President is indeed the face of Modern Republicanism and Conservatism. The Republican Party will be paying the price for this for many years to come. A failed, elective, preemptive war, unchecked immigration and exploding deficits. This is now the face of conservatism. Almost nothing Bush stands for has been historically called conservatism. It is now though. That is the perception.

For Republicans and conservatives to just concede this and allow Bush to become the embodiment of conservatism is idiocy.

My impression is that a number of major (and not-so-major) newspapers and television stations outside of the Beltway have been doing a surprisingly good job finding interesting conservative voices to incorporate through blogs and other new media. Kleinheider's blog is affiliated with Nashville's WKRN. Here in Washington, of course, the best the Washington Post can do is serial plagiarist Ben Domenech.


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