Of Pods and Poodles

Over at National Review Online, John Podhoretz is at it again. He’s outraged by Andrew Stuttaford’s temerity in criticizing Tony Blair. To put his limey colleague in his place, Podhoretz resorts to a debating tactic that I have never before seen an adult try to use: Podhoretz boasts of his reading comprehension test scores from elementary school. Well, I’d say that clinches it.

But I wonder why Poddy Minor didn’t call out his SAT scores instead?

Between Jpod and his fellow NROdniks, Blair’s most ardent supporters these days — and for some time now , truth be told — are American pundits. His own countrymen have little use for him, but on this side of the Atlantic Bush’s poodle garners comparison to Charles de Gaulle.


6 thoughts on “Of Pods and Poodles

  1. Michael J. Keegan March 23, 2006 / 10:18 pm

    Podhoretz is most definitely an insufferable bore. His contributions remind me of the punky little kid in the schoolyard: all smartass talk, but little to back it up.

    Here is simply tiresome and his assessments are very superficial. Without his dad’s connections, we would have been spared his inanity.


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