Pork in Space

TechCentralStation (choo choo!) isn’t the first place I look for carefully reasoned and principled libertarian ideas, but I never imagined they’d come up with something like this:

For the 2006 midterm elections, Republicans should propose an idea so big that it stretches to the stars. Republicans should commit the government to building a space elevator by 2020.

No, really, this is not a joke.

Is it?

A space elevator would essentially be a 62,000-mile cable stretching from the earth’s surface out into space. Because one end of the cable would be in high orbit, gravity would prevent it from falling back to earth. Once the cable was in place, space travelers would board an elevator-like device and ride up the cable.

If that’s TCS, who needs The Onion?

(Hat tip to Gene Healy.)


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