Beam Me Up

I can’t get enough of this. I’m going to laugh myself into a seizure re-reading it.

Space elevators would also give the U.S. the high-ground in any future military conflict. With the elevators we could easily launch or destroy spy satellites. They would also help the U.S. set up a “Star Wars” missile defense system. Finally, space elevators would allow the military to deploy inexpensive non-explosive kinetic weapons that could be dropped from orbit on our enemies.

Yes, a space elevator could give us a new, cheaper way to kill. Forget about even pretending to try to avoid civilian casualties with smart bombs. Just drop big rocks on enemy cities from 62,000 miles above the earth.

It makes me proud to be an American.

But James Miller anticipates your objections. Why should government undertake this cockamamie scheme instead of leaving it to the free market? Well, for starters, “As Glenn Reynolds has written, President Bush has called for America to return to the moon by 2020, and it would be much cheaper to do this with space elevators than conventional rockets.”

There’s more:

I admit it: part of the reason I want Republicans to make space elevators part of their 2006 campaign is that I am a Republican and fear that otherwise we will lose considerable power in the midterm elections. A space elevator proposal would be visionary, pro-defense, pro-environment and easy to understand, so it could attract significant support for Republicans.

Karl Rove has a rival.


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