How to Salvage an iPod

A few weeks ago I decided to update the software on my iPod. A colleague had warned me against this, but I was heedless and, sure enough, something went awry and the ensuing clash of bytes wiped my iPod — some 45 gigabytes of data down the drain.

This little program, however, actually works as advertised. It recovered 100% of my lost data. Thought I’d post it here on the offchance that anyone reading this blog should find himself in the same boat that I was lately in.


4 thoughts on “How to Salvage an iPod

  1. Jamie January 1, 2007 / 8:17 pm

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

  2. Joanie January 10, 2007 / 4:40 pm

    call me back, please

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