By Request

Like a magic lamp or Uncle Sam, I’m here to grant your wishes. Or at least, I’ll entertain suggestions: if you’d like to see more Latin, more Robert Nisbet, less politics, shorter posts, trashy pop-culture recommendations, etc. let me know — leave a comment on this thread or email me.

I’m thinking of adding a song-of-the-day feature in an effort to scandalize all who know me. I can also offer a daily reading of the sortes Vergilianae: today’s line is cogere concilium, cum muros adsidet hostis (Aeneid XI.304), “…to call a council, when the enemy is camped out around our walls.”

Looks like Vergil endorses my asking for suggestions, although the words immediately preceding that say, “this is no time…”


7 thoughts on “By Request

  1. Michael Brendan Dougherty March 10, 2006 / 5:20 pm

    All of the above. I would say keep a consistent amoung of politics going on – whether day to day reactions to more philosophical musings – and then leaven it with your recommendations, Latin and quirks.

    I’ve found that I get the most reaction out of everything when I keep to a mix. If I go all politics people tire of it and then go bananas when I tell a funny or slightly personal story.

    Consistency in posting and variety.

  2. Daniel McCarthy March 11, 2006 / 5:55 am

    Thanks for the input, that sounds like good advice.

  3. Jim January 8, 2007 / 8:56 pm

    Just passign by. Nice blog spent some time and agree with alot :). Happy new year

  4. Phoebe January 10, 2007 / 4:39 pm

    i think your right!

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